Daphné (2016)

Commissioned work for Etam's 100 anniversary and a charity auction of Naked Heart Foundation, as part of the exhibition Women's Independence curated by Magda Danysz

Installation of 20 watercolor drawing on paper / 212,5 x 210 cm / Courtesy Choi&Lager Gallery

The woman figure is for Stella Sujin both a body and soul. She gets very real in the representation of specific body parts and is also evanescent by the use of watercolors and poetic details. Animals like deers, birds or flowers are painted by Stella Sujin and represent a poetic dreamlike universe. Coming straight out of our dreams these elements contrasts with the jaws, collarbones, and other femurs that are also depicted. Everything is a paradox in her very feminine way of painting with watercolor. It is apparently so sweet but actually focuses on the contrasts of life. In addition to being some kind of visuel poet, being independent for Stella Sujin is also, being raw, tough and assertive.

Magda Danysz


2015, Mésange, watercolor on paper, 29,8 x 42cm

2015, La femme du cerf, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

2016, Membrane, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

2016, La main de Saint Jean de Damas, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

2016, Tête violette Cerf, watercolor on paper, 29,8 x 41cm

2016, Femelle guépard, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

2016, Vagin, watercolor on paper, 29,8 x 41cm

STELLA SUJIN_2016_Homme debout_watercolor on paper_30 x 40cm.JPG

2016, Homme debout, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

STELLA SUJIN_2016_Tete du femur_watercolor on paper_29,8 x 41cm.JPG

2016, Tête du fémur, watercolor on paper, 29,8 x 41cm

2016, Fleur de lys, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm


2016, Bruyères, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

2016, Dentelle de Neptune, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

2015, Aile, watercolor on paper, 30 x 42cm

2014, Ovules fécondés, watercolor on paper, 32 x 41cm

2015, La confession de Cécile, watercolor on paper, 29,8 x 41cm

2016, Omoplate, watercolor on paper, 29,8 x 41cm

2016, Louve, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

STELLA SUJIN_2016_Machoire_watercolor on paper_30 x 40cm.jpg

2016, Machoire, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm

STELLA SUJIN_2016_Nuque de Diane II_watercolor on paper_30 x 40cm.JPG

2015, Satire, watercolor on paper, 30 x 42cm

STELLA SUJIN_2015_Satire_watercolor on paper_30 x 42cm.JPG

2016, Nuque de Diane II, watercolor on paper, 30 x 40cm